8 Tricks to Keep Your Home Smart Without Gadgets

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When your large dish of pasta spills into your carpet, you’ll need some specific techniques to remove the stains, especially if you don’t have a special vacuum cleaner. With the power of tried tactics, you can quickly make your home smarter and save money.

We know some effective tips that may help you in daily life and we want to share them with you.

  1. Use a dishwasher tablet to clean a toilet bowl from stains.

Dishwasher tablets are designed to combat hard water and remove stains from dishes. It can obviously be used to clean other items, such as a toilet tank. Your toilet’s yellow and brown rings can be simply removed.

You can either throw a tablet into a dish and let it overnight or use the tablet to scrape the rings. Just remember to put on your gloves.

  1. Use some soap to condition your toilet bowl.

There’s no need to buy special toilet bowl fresheners. Place the soap in some netting and fasten it beneath the toilet rim. You can also use a fabric softener on the tank. The detergent will drop to the bottom of the tank and remain there, leaving the bathroom smelling wonderful.

  1. Use a wrap for a clogged toilet.

Try this approach if your toilet bowl is fully clogged. Cover the toilet bowl completely with plastic wrap to prevent air from entering. After that, flush. Push the wrap down when it starts to rise.

  1. Use nail polish to prevent stains from metal packaging

If you keep any metal bottles on your sink, you’ve probably observed that if the surface is wet, they leave stains. You may simply remedy this problem by applying a coat of nail polish to the bottom of the bottle.

  1. Adjust the top of a plastic bottle to a pack of washing powder.

You can use a plastic bottle, for example, to make using washing powder more convenient. Cut the top of the bottle to the shape depicted in the picture and glue it to the washing powder.

  1. Reuse coffee capsules.

Another excellent idea is to reuse coffee pods that have already been consumed. Fill a capsule halfway with your favorite coffee grinds and cover it with foil.

  1. Use hairspray for flowers.

It’s disappointing when a beautiful bunch of flowers quickly fades. Spray your flowers with regular hairspray to keep them looking fresh for longer.

  1. Use shaving foam to clean carpets.

There is a simple solution to carpet cleaning problems. Because it contains no colours, white shaving cream is acceptable to use on carpets. Simply apply it to your carpet, wait a few minutes, and then vacuum it up. You may use this approach on your furnishings as well.

Which trick was your favorite? What are some of your favorite home hacks?

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