7 Parenting Hacks From Kristen Bell That You May Want to Try With Your Own Kids

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Delta and Lincoln are the two daughters of actress Kristen Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard. Bell enjoys answering questions from interviewers about her parenting experience and raising children. There are a lot of parenting things Bell can give other moms and dads, from essential kid safety ideas to ways to teach kids compassion, and we’d love to learn them.

We combed through Kristen Bell’s interviews about her parenting experiences and compiled a “golden collection” of her parenting advice.

1-Bell teaches her children to apologize and sets an example

Kristen Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, have devised a clever method for teaching children to apologize. Whenever they have a disagreement or a quarrel, they apologize to their girls in front of them. Some parents may be concerned about appearing vulnerable in front of their children, but Bell believes this is unfounded. “I let them see a lot of apologies,” the actress remarked. “Apologies aren’t something to be afraid of!”

2-She models the behavior she wants to see in her kids.

“I’ve been modeling the behavior I want to see, which means I have to do it as well,” the actress explained. Bell admitted that expecting her children to read books while never reading herself is ineffective. She becomes their role model and does it herself whenever she wants her girls to achieve something.

3-Bell and her husband “swap” kids.

Bell refers to her and Shepard’s parenting strategy as a “tag team” in interviews. When one of them gets overwhelmed and needs a break from parenting, the actress admitted that she and her husband frequently “swap” kids. “You don’t want to react emotionally to your children.” “You want to be considerate, and you want to lead by example,” Bell explained. This is how it works: one parent recharges their batteries while the other looks after the kids.

4-She has normalized enjoying some time on her own every day

Bell’s daughters understand that their mother requires some alone time each day to indulge in a beauty routine or simply respond to e-mails. The actress also stated that she encourages her daughters to explore their own sense of beauty. The daughters have makeup palettes in their rooms, and they occasionally use mommy’s cosmetics. “Some days they come downstairs with bright red lipstick and eye shadow all over their faces, and I tell them, ‘Cool, that’s what you wanted to do to your body today,'” the actress explained.

5-She talks about safety in a language that her kids understand.

Bell tweeted a photo of her daughters’ hands on the gas cap of her car a few years ago. “Hands on the circle!” she’d say whenever she was unloading the car trunk with her kids around to make sure they put their hands on the gas cap and stayed safe from oncoming traffic. Isn’t it brilliant?

Another approach Bell use while discussing safety with her girls is to invoke fairytales. When Bell read Snow White to her daughters, she questioned them if Snow White was correct when she accepted an apple from a stranger and ate it, and if her daughters would do the same.

6-Bell teaches her daughters to be kind and compassionate.

Bell believes it is important to remind ourselves from time to time that we are all dealing with the same issues and that we need one other’s help. She educates her girls that everyone is, first and foremost, a member of someone’s family, and that they, too, deserve love and respect. “What makes you unique?” “It’s important to remember that we’re all in this together, and everyone is doing the best they can with what they have,” Bell added.

7-She encourages other moms to be confident with what they’re doing.

“Do it!” Bell said, “if you’re secure in what you’re doing, even if it’s some strange, unusual parenting style that you know works for your child or that makes you happy.” Being gentle and patient with oneself, according to the actress, is essential. The assistance of your partner is equally crucial. When children are acting out and the situation is becoming out of hand, one parent can just leave the room and the other parent can take over.

Do any of these parenting suggestions appeal to you? What parenting ideas and methods can you offer with other parents?

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